3rd Annual ABE Polyfest

ABE Polyfest is an annual event hosted by the Black Poly Nation Organization. It is held in Galveston, Texas each year (1 hour from Houston). It is considered the largest gathering of black polyamourous people of the year. For tickets click here. For Updates/FAQs see the sections below. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us via Instagram or email.

Black Poly Nation Instagram

ABE Polyfest Instagram

Email: blackpolynationorg@gmail.com


**ABE FAQs: How much are tickets and where can I find them? --- You find tickets and pricing by selecting the "tickets" option from the menu toolbar.

Are tickets per person? --- Yes, all tickets sold by us are per person.

Are single people allowed to attend? --- Yes, single people are allowed to attend and encouraged to do so.

Are these events LGBTQ friendly? --- Duh, of course! It's a BPN event and our BPN family from that intersection will be in attendance as per usual 😊.

When will I recieve the address information to the events? --- As stated on the ticket website, address information is automatically emailed to attendees 14 days prior, for privacy and guest safety (as per usual). Recommended hotels and zip code infomation is listed the next section.

What's the dress code for these events? --- We do not enforce any specific dress code for either event throughout the 3 day weekend. Come as you are and be comfortable.

Do I have to attend all three events or can I buy my tickets separately? --- All of our tickets can be purchased individually for each day. We also offer a discounted 'All Access' pass for those interested in attending all three days.

Will there be vendors again this year? --- Yes, in fact the demand and interest in vendor participation for this year has drastically increased. Because of that, we will limit vendor slots to 6-8 total. Vendor information and applications will be available April 15th (look for promo/post).

Are non-black people allowed to attend? --- Again, Duh of course... Just note that our events are generally attended by at least 97% of people who identify as Black/African/Afro Latin/Afro Aboriginal/Afro Caribbean/etc

** Recommended Hotels and Zip Code: If you're coming in from out of town or just want to be closer to the venues and other Polyfest Goers, below you'll find our recommendations.

Recommended Zip Code: 77550 Use this zip code to search for Airbnb/VRBO and hotels if applicable. Just an FYI, properties closer to the beach/seawall are more expensive.

Recommended Hotels: Holiday Inn Express Galveston Beachfront 3228 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

Candlewood Suites TC (20 mins from Galveston) 1700 Highway 146 North, Texas City, Texas 77590 * Less expensive during those dates

** Block rooms will be available April 11th, but you are free to make reservations now if you want. To purchase tickets/info to the 3rd Annual ABE Polyfest in Galveston Texas on July 29-31 visit www.blackpolynation.org