3rd Annual
Atlanta Area
Backyard BBQ

The Atlanta Area Backyard BBQ is an annual event held by the Black Poly Nation Org. It is considered one the largest black polyamorous events of the year.  Join us September 24, 2022 from 2pm-8pm just outside the Atlanta metro area for our '3rd Annual Atlanta Area Backyard BBQ'. As with every year we got something special in store in store for y'all. This is a national event and people from all over the country will be there as per usual. So join us again this year for good food, good company, live music, games, and so much more! For tickets click here. For more information, visit the FAQs below. This years menu is listed in the nest section.


*New Relay Games

*Menu w/ vegan options (Catered by Qued Up Catering & More)

*Live DJ on-site


*BYOB (free Polyjuice and free Shots provided)



**All tickets are non-refundable. Address information is automatically emailed to attendees 14 days prior as per usual. Zip code map and recommend hotels released August 6th. 



This Years Backyard BBQ Menu:


Burgers (Beef, Turkey)

Hot Dogs (Beef, Turkey, Mixed)

9 herb Chicken

Jerked Chicken

Potato Salad

Baked Mac

Creole Cabbage

Misc (Snacks, Beverages)

Polyjuice (Rum & Tequila base), Poly shots


Vegan/Vegetarian Options:


Vegan Sausage

Ch'kn Skewers (plant based no soy)

Macaroni Salad (vegan mayo)

Spicy Slaw (vegan mayo)

Misc (Snacks)


FAQs. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have further questions, feel free to email us directly at blackpolynationorg@gmail.com or DM us on the BPN instagram platform (@black_poly_nation). How much are tickets and where can I find them? --- You find tickets and pricing by selecting the "tickets" option from the menu toolbar. Are tickets per person? --- Yes, all tickets sold by us are per person. Are single people allowed to attend? --- Yes, single people are allowed to attend and encouraged to do so. Are these events LGBTQ friendly? --- Duh, of course! It's a BPN event and our BPN family from that intersection will be in attendance as per usual 😊. When will I recieve the address information to the events? --- As stated on the ticket website, address information is automatically emailed to attendees 14 days prior, for privacy and guest safety (as per usual). Recommended hotels and zip code infomation will be listed the next section. What's the dress code for these events? --- We do not enforce any specific dress code for either event throughout the 3 day weekend. Come as you are and be comfortable. Are non-black people allowed to attend? --- Again, Duh of course... Just note that our events are generally attended by at least 97% of people who identify as Black/African/Afro Latin/Afro Aboriginal/Afro Caribbean/etc