National Polyam Diaspora Collective

"Connecting Community First"


The National Polyam Diaspora Collective (NPDC), headed by its President Daniele Stokes-White-- will serve as the political and community service arm of the Black Poly Nation organization. As our organization continues to grow, our commitment to connecting and growing the black polyamorous community continues to grow as well. The NPDC is a non profit organization dedicated to our community based projects and services, as well as political engagement. From food drives and volunteering, to legislative policy proposals regarding protections for polyamorous families/individuals.


The National Polyam Diaspora Collective will be launching various volunteer projects, that will start with our BPN family and extend outward to the general polyamorous community. As a community and organization we plan to continue our leadership role-- as we connect, educate, and normalize the way we love.

Upcoming Board Meeting: Dec 12, 2020 (Spring 2021 Agenda) * Rescheduled

President: Daniele Stokes-White

Vice-President / Treasurer: Devon White

Secretary of the Board: TBD

Member: T. White

Member: V. Bailey