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The NPDC is now opening up registration for it's Polyam Glam Women's Network Mentoring Program. As as community of polyamorous women, sometimes we need those networks of support that can only come from women who actually understand our lovestyle. Our mentoring program will be a great opportunity to serve as that bridge between support, sisterhood, and of course Glam! Just imagine being able to directly reach out for advice, support, virtual calls, and so much more.... knowing that you won't be judged. We eventually hope to bring on a team of mental health professionals, from life coaches to licensed therapist as well. 


The mentoring program will also serve as a base for the Polyam Glam Women's Network & Retreat that will be holding it's inaugural retreat in spring 2021 in Gatlinburg, TN (more details coming soon). If you're interested in being a mentor and/or mentee for this amazing program, sign up below. We'll start matching people in mid October.

 Mentor/Mentee Program Sign Up

Are you interested in being a mentor and/or mentee? if so, sign up below. We'll start matching people in mid October.

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