International Black Polyamorous Flag

Updated: May 25, 2020

Black Poly Nation™️ is proud to present the new International Black Polyamorous Flag. Black Poly Nation™️ was created for a purpose. We were asked to change how black polyamorous people engaged each other, to create a safe space for all black polyamorous people not just the elitist, and to create an environment where we are actually building a community not just learning terminology. "Poly education" and "poly in practice" vary greatly, so we're helping lead the way with a more balanced approach. The new flag goes beyond being "centered" around black polyamory, it is dedicated specifically for being polyamorous does not remove our unique challenges in this world.

International Black Polyamorous Flag: Sankofa Heart- in the middle serves as a reminder, that it's okay to look to our rich world history for knowledge and guidance.

Infinity Hearts- one on each side of the Sankofa to represent our infinite commitment to ethical behavior, open and honest communication, as well as transparency about our intentions with each individual relationship/dynamic.

Stars- the stars in the background further supports the infinite love we have, and that it can't be measured or contained within this galaxy or any other.

Red Stripe- represents the blood that runs through our veins, made possible by those who came before us...because being Black/Afro Aboriginal in an ethical non-monogamous environment is not new us-- but it does present unique journeys and perspectives in modern times.

Black Stripe- represents the purity of our hearts and the energy needed to create love. Green Stripe- represents the prosperity of our relationships and community. It also represents our freedom as polyamorous people to make connections in whatever way we see fit.

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